This certification assures a documented continuous improvement system is in place, which provides not only an excellent environment for quality but the vehicle with which our commitment to economic and environmental sustainability are progressed.

By engrossing a Customer Action Request (CAR) format, we can solicit and engage all participants in improvements from the conceptual stage, implementation, through to the ongoing refinement stage.

Examples such as superior air flows in our backing oven has yielded lower energy consumption and faster running speeds. Recycling of packaging material and the adoption of bulk bins yielded not only a greater recycling content but also lower transport costs in fuel and associated inputsThe adoption of distribution, same day, everyday or bulk drop distribution allows for our customers to be engaged also in far greater energy/fuel savings.

Our goal of closed loop consumption is currently being implemented whereby on site latex compounding, utilising filtration, flocculating of solids and incorporation back into production is at the forefront of the textile industry.

Adoption of adherence to AS3814 yields not only lower energy but lower CO2 and temperature and higher O2 output.

We are all committed to the shared belief of harmonious development of economic, ecological and social priorities fully integrated and intertwined in a sustainable mechanism…..

That mechanism being Northstate Carpet Mills.



South Roc Award
Northstate is the proud Winner ot the
SouthROC Waste Minimisation Award


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